#ReversedFront Project — Manchuria to Free World

Manchuria Can Help 協和會 滿洲國協和會 滿洲帝國協和會 協和会 満洲国協和会 満洲帝国協和会 Concordia Association of Manchuria 逆統戰 Alan Daiching ReversedFront
Reversed Front 逆統戰

To our dearest friends in the free world,

We are the Concordia Association of Manchuria, an organization reestablished by the faithful Manchurian people who have been helping the free world against the tyranny of CCP for two years since then.

Unlike Chinese dissidents in exile, who take a lot of funds from the free world but never do meaningful things, we Manchurians spend every penny we have on the operations of many projects against China’s ambition and evil deeds. Take the most recent one as an example, which is the masks donation project during the China virus pandemic. Up to now, we have gathered more than 19000 surgical masks with the help of Manchurian patriots living the free world, and have donated part of them to Japan. We are also planning to donate a portion to the USA and India shortly.

In the future, we will do more to help the USA and her allies to cut the hidden manipulation of China which they used to fund terrorist groups like ANTIFA and BLM.

The board game you see here, which we and our allies worked very hard to present, is not just a game, but a blueprint of a real revolution. Meanwhile, purchasing a copy of this board game is a real action to take part in this revolution. The income generated by its sales will contribute to good people including us who will join the free world to fight against CCP at the frontline, every penny you paid in buying the game, will result in at least roughly 100 dollars cost for CCP to counter our actions, and that will leave them less resource to build missiles, warships, tanks, and other equipment in the conflicts against the free world in the coming years.

Though the English vision will come out in about one year, and there is no method to order one now, we wish the good people of the free world could understand that we are not just introducing a game, it is an important historical event and a true revolution. please support our crusade to defeat CCP, the evil of evil, to liberate our people under its brutal regime, and to bring a better world for your children and our children.



滿洲帝國協和會 Concordia Association of Manchuria

滿洲國官民一體組織,與政府表裏一體。滿洲帝國流亡政府/皇帝陛下流亡政府: @ManchuriaGov。會長: @SartakArslan。中央本部長: @ShumuruAngguri